Let automotive society step forth together.

We maximize the individuality and the abilities of each person.
We always pursue new possibilities and contribute to the automotive society by creating synergy between our employees, partners and clients.

Management Philosophy

Sincere management respecting people
Have fun while working hard

Management policy

Provide the best beneficial products and services to the customer through our clients

Our Promises

Responsibility to customers

The customers mentioned here are our product vendors, sellers, and everyone who purchase and use our products.

  • All our activities must always be fast, accurate and qualitatively high to meet the needs of all our customers
  • We must always provide safe products that are valuable in price and quality with the best service
  • We must maintain business transparency and engage in socially responsible transactions
  • In order to keep up with reasonable prices, we must always make efforts to reduce product costs
  • We must provide appropriate profits to our business partners

Responsibility to the society

  • All employees must be respected as individuals, and their individuality and value must be recognized
  • We must accept the characteristics of each employee with diverse abilities and experiences, and create an organization that is rewarding and enjoyable to continue making efforts
  • Evaluation and treatment must be fair
  • Care must be taken to ensure that employees can achieve both physical and mental well-being in their families
  • We must create an environment where employees can freely express their opinions
  • Competent people must be given equal opportunities for capacity development and promotion
  • A clean and organized working environment must be provided.

Responsibility to the shareholders

  • We must get a fair profit for business continuity
  • We must keep growing by proactive challenges
  • We must keep practicing new ideas
  • We must continue to introduce new products through innovative sales promotion planning
  • We must eliminate waste and strive to reduce costs with an efficient organizational structure

We believe that the practice of this declaration
will lead to the happiness of all those involved.